#2,885 Letters From Lisa.

My friend Lisa lives in Indiana.

We met because of this journal, right here, many years ago. Before TV and all that craziness. We became dear friends via snail mail letters as she recovered from cancer and she has been a prayer warrior for us every step of this wild journey we’ve been on. She scribbles notes on her lunch break that are Anne Lamott-Ernest Hemingway-Elizabeth Berg level brilliant. She throws more good writing in the trash than I have written here over these 8 years. 

Today my letter from Lisa was exactly the thing my heart needed to hear in regards to how we will raise our daughter under such strange circumstances Ben and I have found ourselves in. It was a balm to my soul and I believe that God gave her a very particular gift — the ability to dispense advice without prompting, at the very moment it’s needed.

And I’m making it my mission to make her write a book of essays someday. I’m writing it down here so I can be held accountable.

Sorry, Lisa. You owe it to us all!