#2,481 Home For the Night.

It’s the second weekend in October which always means one thing: Ben is at Cruisin’ the Coast. This year, plans I’ve had for a while meant I couldn’t go with him, so I headed out to my parents’ for supper and a sleepover like I often do when Ben is gone. Tonight daddy threw steaks on the grill and they made wilted mustard salad (google it if you’re curious), then we watched Money Monster, which was a little more intense than I was maybe ready for.

Now I’m laying in my childhood bed, writing this post underneath posters of Green Day, Blue Crush and Matchbox 20. It’s nice to step back in time once in a while.


Growing up I spent a lot of time in St. Augustine, Florida growing up and I took many photographs using the fancy camera I bought with my after school job money. I noticed one of them in my room tonight and I’m praying for my favorite city by the sea’s recovery in the aftermath of flooding from Hurricane Matthew. I hope all my Florida friends are safe and sound!