#2,497 Happy Surprise + Home.

Oh I’m so very tired y’all. I will use few words to tell y’all we encountered a couple of blessings today. Michelle and Del, the sweet couple we randomly met on the street in St. Augustine a couple nights ago came to hear us speak in Daytona today and we got coffee with them afterward. I can’t believe how many new, wonderful people our work is bringing into our lives now.

And soon we were on a flight home… 

But our connecting flight’s layover was only 15 minutes… BEFORE our first flight was delayed 20 minutes. We ran through the terminal carrying our luggage with all of our strength and all of our might to catch the last flight of the night home to Mississippi. They weren’t going to let us on because we had missed the boarding time until I cried and begged and they let us on. Thank goodness!

And in a few minutes I’ll be home sweet home with my head on my own pillow. Sweet dreams!