#2,899 First Date.

You know how sentimental we are about this week so I won’t apologize for my journals about it each year. It is like Christmas in that we feel the spirit of it each year in the weeks leading up to the anniversary of when we met and tonight we celebrated our first date 13 years ago by having dinner in Hattiesburg:

Stopping for peach Nehi on the way home:

And stopping at the same 4-way stop for a kiss. 

Or two. Or three. 

I think an important part of why we are more crazy about each other 13 years on is because we will never let ourselves forget how it felt when we were brand new. As long as you can always remember that and feel the same flutter you felt when you were young, it doesn’t matter how old you become or how different you are–you’re still the same people you were who fell in love and shared a Nehi and a kiss at 4 in the morning.