#2,504 Chili + Nothing But Trouble.

Since tomorrow night will be the last late night for the design team as we dress the final house of season 1 AND it’s going to be Halloween, Ben decided to make a huge pot of his famous chili to put in the fridge tonight and serve for supper tomorrow. It requires outdoor cooking in a huge cast iron kettle, has no beans, and is hands down my favorite chili in the world. We’re putting the recipe in the Laurel Mercantile Co. family recipe books, don’t you worry!

screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-11-35-27-pm screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-11-36-04-pm

Afterward, we came inside to find a slightly creepy/mostly nostalgic movie we could watch on our last free night before Halloween and landed on Nothing But Trouble, which TERRIFIED me as a child, but just weirded me out and made me wonder about the behind-the-scenes process of  producing it tonight as an adult.

The sets were so insane and elaborate! The makeup and special effects would have cost a fortune! Dan Aykroyd is so talented! And… John Candy was wonderful, wasn’t he? Which led me down a Google rabbit hole reading about his life, when I found this article about his children and the stories they remember about him. So sweet!