#2,904 Cold Day at Home.

It seems I’ve taken a cold for the second time in 3 months, which made especially thankful for my very comfy day at home and running errands even if I did feel like my head would bust from sinus pressure and my nose never stopped dripping.

It is absolutely delicious just to be at home with no plans except to cross off my to do list for Helen that’s been waiting for me while we made the show. First up were grocery lists for freezer foods and more thank you notes, then paying the stack of bills that have been collecting beside the computer for weeks, then a massive grocery run and cooking meatballs and tomato bisque for the rest of the evening.

I’m so thankful for our assistant Lindsay who was able to help me by wrapping some of our nieces’ and nephews’ Christmas presents, which feels like a big task off my list even if it’s just a few simple little things.

Our to do list is a mile long before Helen comes, but today felt like a good step in the right direction.