#2,914 Christmas Eve.

We started the morning at Shipley’s with friends and hot donuts (and a kolache for me).

Then we headed over to see Mammaw and go to church with her at her nursing center. We came with a tiny box of Whitman’s since her taste for chocolate seems to have dwindled as her health declines, but we couldn’t let a holiday pass without our tradition that Pappaw started and we picked up where he left off.

To my surprise, she couldn’t wait to have a bite! We told her how it had turned cold again and that Helen was coming soon. She reached out for my belly and smiled and said “not long now.” She’s gotten so frail and struggled to get up from her chair. Ben picked her up the same way he carries me to bed when I fall asleep on the couch, like she was small as a bird, one arm under the crook of her knees, the other around her shoulders, and he put her to bed and took off her shoes so she could sleep for a bit. I’m thankful to have another Christmas with her. 

After a nap and brisk walk around the neighborhood, it was time for the candlelight service at church.

And then chili dogs with my parents who were of course watching A Christmas Story.

When I was little I couldn’t wait to wake up each morning and move one more object onto the tree of our advent calendar. It makes my heart happy that mama keeps up with the days still.