#2,531 Little Help from Friends + Last Game.

I have to ask again–have you been watching This Is Us? A few weeks ago, we found out about Kate and her dad’s tradition together that was the gut wrenching tear jerker of the episode–they loved and watched Steelers football together, always. At the moment when I watched that episode, my parents were on a trip to the mountains and I realized how many Ole Miss games I had missed watching with daddy this year since we had to travel so much. And it broke my heart. So I’ve been making up for it ever since, and today, even though we lost to State, I got to spend that time with my parents watching the game listening for “FIRST DOWN! Oooooooole Miss!” 

I know that these fall Saturdays will always be my favorite memories with my parents someday and I hate when the season ends. We’ll get em next year!

And I’m so thankful for our new friends, the Dosios, whom we met on our trip to speak in Florida last month, who spent the weekend in Laurel just visiting and helping us set up the store today with their 4 sons. 

These are some of the sweetest people. We’re getting so close to the finish line now, but posting for the next 5-6 days will be pretty slim as we make the final push and come home late at night in zombie mode. We would sure appreciate a prayer for clarity and endurance if you think of it.