#2,535 Burning the Midnight Oil, Again.

I’m crawling into bed now at 3:00 am because I spent all day and night working as hard as I could alongside my 4 best friends to do whatever it takes to get the mercantile open by… This weekend. And I’ve truly enjoyed every minute of today (with the exception of one major software issue we have faith we can resolve tomorrow!) because working diligently means there is something in my life that matters. The pursuit of leaving our mark on Laurel and doing something new, opening a store that’s more unique than what you might even find in the big cities, is a worthwhile thing. I believe if you’ve never worked on anything till 3 am in your life, you haven’t lived passionately enough. Tonight we are bone tired and had supper at midnight at McDonald’s because it’s all that was open and it was fast enough to get back to the mercantile in 15 minutes.

It feels very good to feel very spent.