#2,545 Margie’s Wedding.

From 2005-2007, Ben began his work in student ministry at Booneville First United Methodist and we have the happiest memories of our time there. Tonight we saw two of those kids marry each other. Margie and Chase started dating when we were there, and tonight they became husband and wife.

It’s a great privilege to spend years ministering to youth then watch them grow in faith and in their amazing careers and be there to see them marry their high school sweethearts. My heart could bust with love for Margie who was like my kid sister. I was only a few years older, her sister and I were in school at Ole Miss together, and I relished those nights tagging along with Ben to church Booneville, worshipping together and playing music and singing songs we both loved and no one else knew. I wasn’t their youth minister, I was only his girlfriend, but my faith grew right alongside theirs as we learned about God together. She was my soul sister, part of a group of students who were a gracious beginning to our years in youth ministry. It was so good coming back to our first church, seeing those kids who are our peers now, married and building homes and lives and families. Tonight I’m praying for Margie and Chase as they start this sweet new season of their life together and so thankful we got to walk alongside them in their formative years.