#2,548 It’s A Wonderful Life.

Tonight we took the left over chicken noodle soup to my parents’ house to watch a movie together. Every year we do this, pick a Christmas movie to watch together and have dinner, just the four of us. This year we decided on It’s A Wonderful Life, and even though I’ve seen it a million times… Tonight I felt it more deeply than I ever have before. I felt my throat tighten and tears rushed to my eyes when Mary walks through the door followed by everyone George Bailey had ever been kind to in his entire life, there to help him in his hour of need.

On our way back into town, we just had to pass by the Mercantile and say goodnight to our own “old building and loan.”

And I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for the little store we’ve loved back to life and our community who have supported it with so much heart and so much joy. God is so very good to us. All the time, friends.