#2,560 Christmas Day.

Each year we have our same traditions to celebrate Jesus being born. Each year the photos we take and share feel so similar to the year before, the same people, doing the same things, and to me… There’s a lot of comfort in that. To start with, there are always homemade donuts at Jim and Mallorie’s in our pajamas (a tradition we started as college roommates) and Lucy shows us what Santa brought. Today, Mal also made cronuts, and the mention of them is making my mouth water as I type. 

Afterward we went home to open our simple little gifts to each other.

For Ben, a Winston Churchill biography:

Lie Nielsen woodworking hand tools:

And Lucky You cologne. The smell of falling in love in college.

For me, nonpareils from Holsten’s in New Jersey, a book about traditional home design, a cozy comfy sweatshirt compliments of HGTV, and new tires on my Jeep that he put on Friday and even though I’ve been wishing and wanting new tires for months… I didn’t notice at all until this morning!

After I finished squealing about my new (white wall!!) tires, we took showers and then got on the road visiting our families. First, my family (minus daddy who was home sick with a bad cold so as not to pass it to my grandmother) for lunch at Uncle Danny and Aunt Gay’s house:

Then to Collins for a visit with Ben’s aunts, uncles and grandparents… Then on the road again bound for Baldwyn to see his parents and brothers on our first road trip in the Wagoneer!

Today was spent entirely with both our families on the most holy day of the year, and it doesn’t scratch the surface of what we are thankful for this year. God is so good, all the time.