#2,570 Carmex + Big Fishy.

I ran out of Carmex on my nightstand a couple nights ago and panicked a little bit. For as long as I’ve been married to Ben, Carmex has been my bedtime ritual. No matter how severe the cold is, now matter how dry my lips are, there’s really nothing that works as well. Ben tells me when construction workers (and his dad!) use it, that’s how you know it’s the hardcore stuff. And he’s right. This isn’t even a paid or sponsored endorsement or whatever—I just can’t live without it. Found one tube left on the shelf at the grocery store last night and grabbed it for $1. Felt very proud about that.

And leaving work tonight, I couldn’t help but thinking of Big Fish:

I was driving beneath the lights on my way home and it had a certain Spectre quality that made me smile.