#2,569 Warehousing.

We woke up to what felt like the most beautiful spring day, even though the forecast for this weekend includes snow. Oh, Mississippi. You may give me pneumonia, but I love you.

We spent the whole day cleaning out the second floor of the Mercantile to make room for tons of these metal racks we bought so we can make the upstairs a warehouse for back stock and online shipping. Before, it was cluttered with lots of folding tables with t-shirts and other random product piled atop them, then random piles of antique products in little heaps around the room. There was no rhyme or reason since we just had to get it in there and get the doors open as fast as we could at the beginning of December. It worked for what we needed, but isn’t the efficient machine we’ll need it to be in the coming months. Being the obsessive tunnel-vision person that I am, it gave me a lot of pleasure to start seeing it come together. We have a few more days of hard work ahead of us, but this is definitely progress!