#2,568 Rain and Rest.

I think December is finally catching up with me. In the moment, it was exhilarating—opening a brick and mortar store at Christmastime. It didn’t feel exhausting, only exciting. Now that life is slowing down to a screeching halt for just a little while, we’re catching our breath. We did inventory at the store while thunderstorms raged outside and when we were done we came home.

And did. Absolutely. Nothing. While the rain poured down. And it was fantastic. We watched The Hollars (which was filmed in Jackson, Miss.—remember when we went to the casting call RIGHT before we got the call from HGTV?), which made us both cry our eyes out in the ‘Closer to Fine’ scene. I mean… It killed me.

The rain eventually stopped and gave us the most gorgeous sunset from the living room windows while we ate vegetable beef stew…

Then there was Sully, which didn’t help my fears about flying. Then we stumbled upon (oddly enough) Cast Away just as it was starting, which was the nail in my fear of flying coffin. And I cried again when she runs to him in the rain. I mean, what would you do in her shoes? How heartbreaking!

P.S. – This made me laugh out loud.