#2,567 Health, Wealth & Luck. And Gerry.

As we do every New Year’s Day, we had a huge lunch with my parents after church of the Southern traditional New Year meal that superstition says will bring health, wealth and luck: ham, turnip greens, and black eyed peas. Of the three, I actually only like the ham so Mama is always sure to supplement it with cornbread, green bean casserole, and I contributed macaroni and cheese that was so rich and heavy and delicious:

It actually made me feel kind of awful the rest of the day. The good news about this is, while I was on the couch in my pajamas—my old guilty pleasure, my favorite romantic dramedy, came on HBO. If you’ve been reading here since the very beginning, you know that movie is P.S. I Love You. And that my crushes on Gerry Kennedy and Billy Gallagher are undying.

And that I was in love at first sight with the design of their Lower East Side apartment. It was everything 23 year old me longed for in a home and I even went so far as to paint our apartment walls (and now, house entryway) that same ambiguous shade of grey/green/brown. I landed on Java by Eddie Bauer as a perfect match.

It also makes me cry and reach out for Ben’s hand to clutch every. Single. Time. Ain’t love grand?