#2,580 False Spring + Mama Mimmo’s.

It looks like this week is going to fake us out and feel like late April with highs in the upper 70s, which means I did the only thing I could do this morning on the way out the door. Boots would not do.

We spent a few hours at the Mercantile greeting the Saturday visitors, then headed home to do some very serious backyard maintenance. It’s an understatement to say we’ve been a little busy since the leaves started to fall back in October. And, well, maybe we never got around to doing something about our yard that looks as if it were made for holding all the leaves in the universe. The dogs have had their fun leaping, chasing and sliding through it, but it was way past time. Way past. Ben took down a broken gutter from the garage, then I got busy leaf blowing while he raked piles the size of beached whales onto tarps that we could pull to the street for pickup. I pushmowed the grass while he kept on raking around the edges, and I wore shorts while I did this, and I broke a sweat. Because it was hot outside. This doesn’t make me happy necessarily, I could do with a few more icy cold days, but it didn’t feel bad, either.

A couple hours later, and we’re back in business—albeit our grass and landscaping are still pitiful, but hey! What can I tell you? This is real life.

When we finished, we got showered and dressed for a double date with my mama and daddy to Mimmo’s since they’ve heard of its legendary status across Mississippi but have never made the 1 hour trek to eat there. They look bored/perplexed, but I promise daddy told hysterical stories about getting in fights with some guy from Quitman when he was in college, and they really loved the food.

Like, really loved the food.