#2,582 Art and Craft.

Maybe you’ve heard of Mark Landis from that New York Times article that was published a few years ago? 

He’s a world famous art forger who spent many years dressing as a priest and donating his forgeries to art museums and universities all over America. As it turns out, he is brilliant, albeit he has some mental health issues, but is perfectly harmless and kind… And also happens to live just around the corner from us. Here. In Laurel. Our little town may be the most interesting place in the world per capita, based on the sheer number of colorful and unusual characters within the radius of these avenues. Tonight we watched the award-winning documentary, Art and Craft, that’s about the way he’s pulled the wool over the eyes of hundreds of renowned museum curators all these years. We saw our neighborhood and town for 2 hours all throughout the movie. If you have any interest in art, you’ll find it fascinating. Watch it on Amazon!