#2,583 Yard Construction.

With sunny, summery weather as far as the forecast can see and the clock ticking down to when we lose control of our schedules again, Ben and I are finally committing to building a little shed / huge dog house behind our garage for Baker and the push mower since Chevy has had his own since he was a puppy. I was Ben’s assistant, passing him the nail gun, reading the measurements.

I feel grateful that I get to spend my days with him, no matter what. And I feel disadvantaged when he’s away, like I’m not myself, and I’m not sure how to act naturally. Days like this are unusual, a weekday spent at home working together, but so wonderful. He’s really, truly, my dearest friend. 

My other assistant ain’t so bad, either.


Gerald McRaney destroyed me on This Is Us tonight and may be responsible for my particularly clingy feelings about Ben at the moment. Anybody else?!