#2,588 Goodbye Orange Bottles.

Today was a quiet, slow, lazy day that somehow still managed to be productive. 

I washed all the slipcovers, put away all the clean laundry, cleaned out the years and years of prescriptions from 10 years of unknowingly living with my partially ruptured appendix, and today it was a milestone moment–almost 3 years post op, I’m finally brave enough to throw away every pill and potion that got me through the bouts of illness. I’m no longer afraid it’s going to creep up on me again in the middle of the night. I don’t need the safety net of little orange bottles. I now have a drawer that’s empty, save a bottle of Aleve and a bottle of Benadryl, a few loose sugar free cough drops rolling around. It was a day of cleaning, all around. Making my home feel pure and clean gives me joy. It’s dumb, I know.

And the sunshine. The breezes. The clouds. It was a perfect walking day.