#2,595 Nick & Augusta (and Bessie).

You’ve heard us go on about how proud we are of the items in our store that are made in Mississippi, and some of those things (our casserole totes and truck bags) are made by our friends who started Blue Delta Jean Co. up in Oxford and Tupelo. Once in a while, they pass through town on business, and this particular trip they brought their brand new baby girl. Nick and Augusta welcomed Miss Bessie just a few weeks ago and tonight Big impressed us all with his baby whispering ability that he inherited from his daddy—the ability to make a baby stop crying instantly. I don’t know how they do it.

After dinner at Jim and Mal’s, we spent a while beside the fire, telling stories, as we always do when company comes to town. And it felt so good to feel warm beside a fire when it’s finally feeling more like winter outside again.