#2,605 Our Team.

It’s been such an exciting time at the Mercantile the last couple weeks as the puzzle pieces of our full-time team and management level folks are coming together. We’ve been receiving resumes from people who are like us, passionate about this little town and about making the good things that you can pass down someday. Our first managers to join the team, Aly and Rob, happen to be people we’ve known and trusted for many years. Ben, Josh, Emily, Mallorie, Jim and I know we’ll be leaving our baby in good hands every time we walk out the doors. I love that the Mercantile feels like the family dining room in a lot of ways. In fact, Rob and Ben were tossing the football inside and got too close to the vintage dishes so they moved their game into the parking lot at closing time tonight.

I love that this morning our friend George from the museum texted a picture of the Mercantile when it was 1 year old—in 1902, and we get to carry that name on in 2017.

I’m proud to be a part of this. It makes my heart feel good. You know?

If you think you might like to be part of our team starting this summer, visit our LMCo. Careers page here.