#2,606 Duke with the Hurts.

Mackenzie and Jim Hurt moved here all the way from Atlanta by way of Virginia a few months ago and have found themselves lonesome in the way of Duke basketball fandom here in Mississippi… Except for us. Ben’s daddy and Mackenzie’s daddy both went to Duke and they’ve loved cheering for the Blue Devils their whole lives. In fact, she told me tonight it’s always been a tradition with her dad and siblings that they all come home to watch the Duke vs. Carolina game together, but the long drive and a full time job made it virtually impossible this year. And so, we did our best to fill in as their family for tonight and we cheered for the Blue Devils again, who beat Carolina handily.

Mackenzie is a great writer (and photographer–she took this photo) and her thoughts on faith and their new life here in Laurel are so beautifully documented in her blog, Home Sweet Hurt


This Saturday in downtown Laurel  is one of the big ones–it’s the annual Laurel Main Street chili cookoff! Last year, we got to announce that we were picked up for a series at the chili cookoff! 

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