#2,617 Lunch with Hope.

Hope is my oldest friend. We bonded in junior high art class over our love for Seinfeld (this was unusual for 7th graders, you see), and we were best friends from them on. After college, we both got married and lived on opposite sides of the county, went to different churches and got involved in different community activities and soon the busy-ness of life made it harder to find each other.

Today we made a plan to get lunch together, and just like always—we pick up where we left off. It’s like opening a book you put down months ago to a dog-eared page and knowing right where you are in the story.

Even though our lives change dramatically, nothing changes between us. There’s a string that’s been there since we were children, connecting our hearts and we’re always the same as we always were. That’s the thing about the great friendships. She and Kandace are those friends for me. The forever friends who will always be there, no matter how much or how little we get to see each other. I’m so thankful for that.