#2,616 Mama Walks + The Idea.

It’s becoming a Sunday afternoon ritual for mama and I to take a 3 mile walk together, which reminds me of the day I began this journal, except today it was 82 degrees. She wore a tank top. I wore shorts. We both were sweaty 10 minutes into it. As much as I enjoy these walks, I would enjoy just a few more weeks of cold weather if we could get it!

And then tonight at dinner with the Mercantile framily, we got into this conversation about what our biggest and wildest dreams for this company are, and how it all comes back to shining a light on small town America. That is the end all, be all of the plan—and tonight we had this eureka moment that felt like our third eye opening. We’re all in one accord on this idea that’s so exciting, and so big, we don’t have any idea where to begin. I guess it’s like they say—to eat a whale, you take one bite at a time. I’m so excited to start taking the steps toward the dream. Hopefully, with any luck and the good Lord willing, I’ll tell you all about it someday.