#2,619 HGTV Day + Delmonico’s.

Today was another of those surreal milestones in our new career as TV people, because we got to spend the day with a couple of the HGTV execs whose job is to make sure we feel supported and prepared for the media promotions coming in the next month. It was lovely and honestly very educational and I’m so glad we had that opportunity. I’ll never turn down the chance to learn something new! This is Laura, who had lunch at Fig and Olive with me and Ben and Lynne:

Next up, they took us over to Hearst Tower where we got a behind-the-scenes tour at HGTV Magazine with their darling editor-in-chief, Sara. Maybe you don’t know this about me, but my dream in high school and college was to be a magazine design editor, so today was a treat for me.

(Ahhhhh!! Those are our silly faces in those pictures they stuck on the glass!!)

And tonight, without plan or agenda, we ended up going for dinner at the last minute at Delmonico’s–one of the oldest restaurants in America and the first place Ben took me the moment we arrived in New York for our honeymoon. We couldn’t afford to each have our own steak, so we shared one and agreed it was the best meal we’d ever tasted. We’ve been afraid to go back all these years, afraid the steak we’ve raphsodized all this time might not live up to our 23 year-old selves’ experience. 

I’m happy to report: it still is truly the best steak (and mashed potatoes) we’ve ever tasted. 

It’s such a dream to be here with Ben, living in this wild season of life.