#2,620 Free Day + Il Cantinori.

Today we had a little free time to knock around New York and take a tiny vacation before going back to the real world. We walked 10 miles (so says my phone), did a little bit of shopping, met the most incredibly sweet fan of the show (!!!):

Had lunch at a classic NY sandwich shop, Eisenberg’s:

Snooped around the Plaza Hotel lobby, even though we clearly looked like country come to town tourists. I seriously dream of someday getting to stay there–and I 100% blame Kevin McAlister. 

I saw Eloise! Not THE Eloise painting, but AN Eloise painting which is close enough.

We smelled the cologne that Hemingway and JFK wore, and it was AMAZING. Then they told us what it cost and we backed away slowly and played it cool.

And then, of course he had to go say goodbye to NYC with a walk in the park.

And then at dinner at Il Cantinori, the craziest thing happened. We struck up a conversation with the folks at the next table who happened to be Robert Rose and Linda Tepper, the creator of Nick and Nora — the illustrated flannel pajamas and bedding I couldn’t live without in college.

It never ceases to amaze me what people God puts in our path as we go along.