#2,625 No Worries.

Last week was a bit stressful for us with so much going going going and changes in our work. I found myself feeling anxious for no real reason in particular, just low-grade nervousness that comes, for me, with sleep deprivation and being away from home and in the company of folks I’m new to meeting. It’s a genetic cross to bear, this worry-wartism I work so hard to keep smothered. 

Last night as I was getting ready for bed I told Ben about how I was feeling and he was a little frustrated at first because he is a fixer, and sometimes there is just nothing to fix. I only need to say it out loud–the things that worry me, in order to get rid of them. But saying them out loud puts them in his world, and then he scrambles to give me solutions, advice, comfort. But this time was a little different. 

He told me that he wanted to be the place and the person where I have no anxiety. He told me he would always be the place for me where I can know for sure that I’m taken care of. He’s making it his job to ask me to make a list of my worries at the end of every day, and then they’re out of my head and in the light where I can see it’s really nothing at all. 

He’s sitting beside the tub now as I let the cold water run because it got too hot too fast and he’s asking me what I worried about today. And you know what?

I’m not worried about anything at all.


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