#2,636 Day out with Mama.

It’s been nearly a year since I last had a manicure so mama and I went to the nail salon today to treat ourselves as Ben and I have some press stuff coming up this week that’s really exciting and I need to look like I take care of my hands once in a while. A really weird thing happened while he was painting my nails. They keep it on HGTV all day in this salon. And I heard our voices. And lo and behold…

And it was WEIRD.

Afterward, we went to Bath and Body Works and proceeded to buy everything springy-summery scented they had because we have a problem. We love smell goods so so much, we can’t stop ourselves. I got it honest.

I love the way we’re finding ways to sneak time together nearly every single day lately. Life without my mama would feel a little directionless and I’m so grateful she’s always just 10 minutes away from me if I need her.


I’ve been listening to St. Paul and the Broken Bones a lot lately, which led to a #saturdaysong.

Call me! @stpaulandthebrokenbones #saturdaysongs

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