#2,641 Hometown Heroes.

At 5:58 pm today, the 5 of us got a text message from Jim:

For an event our local newspaper was throwing at 6 pm honoring “Hometown Heroes,” local folks making an impact on our community. We figured we somehow forgot to put it on the calendar and were scattered all over south Mississippi. Jim, Ben and I were the only ones able to make it and as we were walking through the door (late, no less), they were calling our names and handing us awards and we were a little more than shocked to say the least. I wasn’t even wearing anything cute or enough makeup for this sort of thing. But alas, there we were, and grateful to be in such good company as the other people who were honored, and grateful to live in a town where it’s possible to bloom the way we’ve been able to. I only had the wits about me to snap this photo as we were leaving:

And Ben, of course, couldn’t stop badgering  Josh about how he accepted their award for them since they’ve been home bound with either a stomach virus and/or the plague.

I’ll just be dadgum if that wasn’t the craziest turn of events today.

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Just 5 more days!