#2,640 Keyless Entry + Small Town America.

We made it home safe and sound from Atlanta and went straight to AS&H to pick up my Jeep from Russ, who has been working on the electrical stuff inside my doors to give my 1988 ride keyless entry. It took a month of trial and error…. But it’s done!

I couldn’t wait to take it for a ride in the country to see my parents who wanted to hear all about our upfronts adventure.

And tonight after dinner we stopped by the Mercantile to fluff the new window display.

Ben was on the phone this afternoon with a company we are building a relationship with that he has loved his whole life. He said this offhand remark that I felt was so profound, I won’t ever forget. This is why we are working so hard at all that we do:

We work hard to design and manufacture as many of our products in the USA as possible because if we’re going to be serious about revitalizing small town America, then we have to be serious about American manufacturing and the small towns that depend on it. That’s what Laurel was founded on, and that’s what’ll keep her strong.