#2,639 Our First Upfront.

I. Am. Spent.

For an introvert like me, there are few things harder than meeting and greeting a room full of folks, but tonight there were so many amazing, warm people making us feel welcome and like they’re excited to see Home Town (one week from tonight!), that the night flew by and I’m only realizing how exhausted I am, now, in the quiet coziness of our hotel room.

The upfronts are where advertisers come to see what TV networks’ show lineup will look like for the coming year and some of the folks from the programs are there, meeting and greeting.

We get to share the upfront circuit with these talented folks from Travel Channel and Food Network, yet we didn’t get a decent picture together in real life. Just the banner. We will try again in Boston!

And now, I believe I will soak my aching little feet who are not used to wearing high heels for an extended time.