#2,649 The End of the Day.

As our schedules are becoming suddenly more demanding, it means I have to find ways to delegate my work at the Mercantile as much as I can. It was a brain busting task to work on hour after hour, creating systems that my team can use to do the work. When I left today I felt so spent, I couldn’t use my words. It happens sometimes when I spend long intervals at a desk in my own head. I just was used up. I went to dinner and then I went home and had a long soak in a hot bath, I put on my pajamas and shuffled to the living room and sank into our big, soft, white denim sofa that smells like clean laundry. I felt all that tension melt from me, like that old Campbell’s soup ad where the snowman melts and a happy, smiling kid is inside it smiling over a hot bowl of soup. 

When I’m home and under the blankets, I feel happiest.