#203 Kitchen.

On our trip to Florida, we were talking about things that are popular but we don’t know why. I said, “you know those signs people buy and they’re supposed to look all old and distressed but you know it was just mass printed and produced to look that way? And they always say something boring that’s supposed to be cute like,” and then we both said this at the same time: “KITCHEN.
We have these moments of sameness once a day or so, and I always feel a little flutter in my chest when it happens.
Today it was so so so very hot outside and we walked down to Lee’s for a frozen coffee. Ben loves coffee and I don’t care for it, but I had a craving for a taste of it today since it was icy and caramel-laden. We shared it on the walk back to the apartment and then he was going to head over to Shorty’s new house to help her hang a light fixture in their baby’s room. As we always do, I stood two stairs up from him so he could give me a kiss. Then we both said “Coffee kiss. Kitchen.
I love him.