#208 Reading list.

I love to read. I LOVE to read. I hate to finish a book because it’s so final. I’m left wondering what the characters are going to do next in a way I never wonder about the characters from movies. Maybe it’s because I create their faces, their homes, their families and co-workers in my mind? Maybe because when I imagine the character’s bathtub, I see my own antique clawfoot that sits in our apartment. Because her house looks just like my parents’ on the inside? I guess you feel like you own a little bit of them, and so why wouldn’t you wonder about them after you read the last page?
As I’ve told you before, Elizabeth Berg is my absolute favorite author and I’m still working my way through her repertoire. Last week, I checked out the only one left at the library that I hadn’t yet read, Range of Motion:
It’s about a young wife whose husband is in a coma and she has steadfast faith that he will wake up (though she doubts he will too). Since I’ve been reading this, every night when I turn out the light and Ben is snoring quietly at my side, I put my head on his chest and listen to him breathing and squeeze his arm, so much larger than mine, and think how thankful I am that I could simply wake him up if I wanted to.
It turns out that the books on the shelf at our library aren’t the end of my free ride — they can borrow books from other libraries too (duh!) so today I went and picked up her brand new book from the circulation desk, The Last Time I Saw You:
Thank goodness her cover art is so gorgeous because I do, in fact, LOVE to judge a book by its cover.
I’ve already got about a million other books on my nightstand and on my to-read list but I can’t stop myself from getting more. Here are a few more on the nightstand:
Bought this one on our trip through old Florida at a used book store in Micanopy.
Don’t laugh. I have fallen hard for my crock pot.
Been working on this one off and on since college. I WILL finish it someday!

The book is horribly written, but I so loved the movie and I’m trying to give it a chance.

I’ve not yet bought these, but I’m intrigued. Maybe I’ll ask the library to get them too?:
The basis for the movie Julie and Julia.
Two Iowa college girls move to New York City in the 1940s and spend the greatest summer of their lives working at Tiffany.
Twin sisters inherit a house in London from a long lost relative under the condition that they live there for one year before selling it, and that their parents can never visit.

Now, I’d love if you could tell me about your favorite books so I can make this list even longer!