#222 Mae Mae Moment.

My sweet aunt Mae Mae holds this belief that everyone on earth has a look-alike and it’s kind of her hobby to figure out who it is that you look like. She is certain that if you have a famous look-alike, it’s because you’re distantly related some way or another. Today, I’ve been examining this phenomenon that’s apparently especially strong in Laurel. For example:
My mama and Princess Diana. As a child, I thought my mother was really, truly Princess Di.

Depending on the length of his hair, Ben is often told he looks like Zach Galifianakis or Zac Brown. Both Zacs…. Weird.

Our neighbor Josh and the guy from Dear John.

My sweet friend Dawn of Hello Dearie and Reese Witherspoon
And oddly enough, 2 of the guys from the History Channel show Pawn Stars have twins right here in our neighborhood:
Father Jeff from the Episcopal church a couple blocks away and Rick from Pawn Stars
The ultimate youth dad, Mickey and Chumlee from Pawn Stars.
Do you know any look alikes?