#2,893 Showering Helen.

Today was the big church shower for Helen! We've been overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and love shown to this precious girl we've yet to even meet. Every gift was special, but the ones that made me feel tears coming were the antique bud vase from the late 1920s, a gift from my grandfather when he was an elementary school boy to his teacher, that was passed down to her niece, and today, to me and Helen: And the last gift of the shower from my mama, a letter to Helen that I couldn't read out loud without crying so Mallorie did it for me, telling the story of how mama has been taking lessons from Mrs. Anita, my friend Laura's mother who is also family, to learn how to do intricate French embroidery so she could make Helen's baptism gown from her own wedding dress with the little tiny blue flowers. I couldn't stop from crying, of course. Not to mention the antique white oak toddler-size rolltop desk from Mrs. Sue that is missing its drawers, which is perfect for Big to restore. And Mallorie happened to give us a tiny little oak desk chair that matches it just perfectly. It doesn't seem real that she will be here so soon. Tonight when we arrived at the season 2 supper party, we were surprised to find that it was also a shower from our film production family and I felt teary all over again. The cake said, "Welcome Helen to the Home Town Crew," and besides all the nice gifts they got for her, there was a Home Town onesie and season 2 caps for everyone: Real nice hats, y'all! And so here we are. What we have is what we have for her and it's filling up our big guest room for now until we have time to design and make her nursery (which is currently the smaller guest room and the plainest Jane room you can imagine). Here's hoping we have time to make a room for her before she comes!