#263 Fancy pants.

You’ve all read about our sweet little town and how much Ben and I love it here, but you might not know that Laurel is home to one of the best little art museums in the country. Tonight, our church hosted a stewardship dinner at Lauren Rogers Museum of Art just across the street.
photo by Roberts Creative
We had delicious sweet and sour pork tenderloin, fennel and green beans wrapped in bacon, carrot souffle, and apple pecan dressing (never had that before and it was wonderful). Mississippi gets a bad wrap for being the most uneducated state in the country, but I beg to differ. Right here in my little hometown, I can take a walk underneath centuries old oak trees past renaissance revival mansions and stately prairie style homes with sweeping porches to LRMA, and I can walk inside and admire a Winslow Homer painting or a Walter Anderson print. How’s that for Southern culture?
Wyatt Waters, my all-time favorite painter, painted this and they sell his prints in the gift shop.
We were there a little early, so we browsed books in the amazing art history library.
And I found this jewel. Hopefully I can find it on Amazon.
The American gallery of the museum.