#266 Pre-birthday party.

Benny boy is turning 27 tomorrow, so tonight we headed south to the beach for the weekend. On the way we couldn’t figure out what we wanted for supper, and it had to be good because we’re on birthday vacation. So… We went down the list of seafood, seafood, seafood, and a Mexican place, then I remembered the cool BBQ place my family went when I was little that I still think of to this day and off we went to Dreamland. That’s a bingo. There’s a room that’s just one huge fireplace with all kinds of meat smoking and a man shoveling wood into it. It reminded me of the smell of backyard fires at my grandparents’ house. We ate until our bellies could bust and carried on toward the coast.

Tomorrow is his birthday and I just hope I can make him feel as special as he makes me feel every day of my life (but I know I can’t possibly outdo him).