#267 Birthday boy.

Today, Ben turned 27 years old. It’s a little scary to me that we’re approaching 30 and I still feel like I’m 21. Is that the way most people feel?
We woke up and went out on the balcony overlooking the bay to open presents (a harmonica (and a certificate for a free lesson with Mr. Randy Meador), the Charlie Brown holiday collection DVD set, books, and ties), and like I’ve told you before — he is the greatest in the world to watch opening presents. He acts like every single one is the best one he ever got, but there are no words sweeter than when he tells you something was “really very thoughtful”. He is the most gracious and good man I know, the kind of man you can build a life with. Oh gosh, y’all. I love him. I butterflies in my stomach and fluttering heartbeats love him.
A birthday fancy trot — in honor of Shad White.

Sounds just like Blues Traveler.
2 new bow ties
After presents and breakfast, we took a swim and a long walk down the beach before the rain set in. With nothing else to do for his birthday, he took me shopping. Does it get better than that?

Mi toro loco tiene hambre.
Later we saw a double rainbow, which is HYSTERICAL if you’ve ever seen that YouTube video. Wow. We’re still laughing about it.

Tonight we’re having homemade chicken parmigiana (his favorite that I cook, thanks Pioneer Woman!) then we’re going to get our nightly dose of Mad Men and turn in for the night. Goodnight, readers!