#27 The desk.

For anyone who has ever been to our house, you know how proud we are of the armoire my daddy and Ben built together last summer. It’s hands-down, my favorite piece of furniture in the world, made using a vintage hardwood door from my grandfather’s collection. Here’s a picture of it in case you don’t remember:

SO, since Lucky Luxe is growing everyday, my current desk — two short cabinets and an old door isn’t cutting it as a proper workstation for wrapping packages and preparing them for shipping. For this reason, Ben drew up my dream workstation, an oversized desk that could hold all my twine, wrapping papers, boxes and tags:

Because… My aunt Mae Mae’s friend, Mr. Manning, dismantled her century-old Victorian last year so he could take that wood and plane it down for flooring and he has very generously offered to save some of the pieces just for us to make a desk.  The wood was painted about 50 years ago and will make such a gorgeous piece, something inspired by Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek:

I just know my productivity will go through the roof with this mega desk!