#273 Gollywhopper’s.

When I was little, everybody in my neck of the woods ate at Gollywhopper’s or Walker’s on the weekend — there weren’t any other options in the northeast Jones area. Gollywhopper’s, a fun little catfish restaurant, was directly across the street from Lake Bogue Homa, but it closed sometime in my late childhood. I remember on the rare occasion passing by the old building and thinking how forlorn but still useful it looked. Tonight, Jim and Mallorie invited us to go with them to Ross Catfish House, the “new” Gollywhopper’s, and it brought back some vague childhood memories of being there. Hope met us after her nightly run, and I was pleasantly surprised by how good the food really was.

They have deer heads over the tables so you know it’s good.
Afterward, we hung out in front of our houses talking. I won’t be giving you a caption for this:
Today was originally scheduled to be my fun day off in preparation (buying mums, picking up the t-shirts, etc.) for the Pumpkin Patch party which was supposed to be tomorrow night. We got news a few days ago that the truck we were expecting to bring the pumpkins isn’t coming tomorrow, and actually… they don’t know when it will be coming. So. I’m pretty much depressed and just struggling to come to terms with it. Pumpkin Patch is the most festive thing in the world and Ben and I are nothing if not festive around the holidays. Oh well, Loblolly’s Saturday so all is not lost. Pray for the pumpkins, brothers and sisters. My festivity depends on it.