#278 October.

Another supper club post, but this one’s extra special because it’s the Halloween edition! Tonight Ben and I hosted our church’s young adult supper club in the park below our house. Amazingly, about 50 people came but I don’t think it was for our hospitality… It’s more likely they came to see Cary Hudson. My favorite musician in the world luckily lives just 45 minutes down the road and I contacted him on a whim about playing tonight and he said “sure!” I was so excited and apparently a bunch of other folks were too.
I spent the day prepping for the party and fall festiveness in general:
I found this fun Halloween idea on the Martha Stewart website!
Then the time came for the party and gosh did we have fun… I’ve never been to a party where every last bite of food got eaten. And there was a TON of food.
photo by Sam McAlister
photo by Sam McAlister
Dawn and Michael on the eve of her birthday. Happy early b-day, sweet friend!

Cary played for about 45 minutes. So many good songs. Afterward he came up to see our house and my computer was blaring Blue Mountain in the office. So embarrassing.
I also did some talking which made me a nervous wreck—Ben’s the one in the spotlight and I usually hang behind him. Tonight I just had it on my mind to talk to the group about my experience with listening for God’s intent for my life. Maybe someone got something from it… I hope so.