#281 Best night ever.

I mean, really. There’s really very little I can say about it because it’s like it was a dream. Last night was Emily and Josh’s rehearsal dinner. It was a lavish spread of creole food (jambalaya and gumbo with bread pudding for dessert), lanterns all over the yard, pumpkin centerpieces with fall leaves for flowers, a fire pit and Cary Hudson playing. Josh asked him at supper club if he was available, and amazingly he was for that night only. It was the best time we’ve had in years. Even more fun than our own wedding reception.

Emily’s precious mama, Mrs. Suzy, made this unbelievable quilt for Ben and I for helping out with wedding stuff and doing the invitations. I was floored by the details and fabrics. It’s the sweetest gift anyone’s ever given us I think.
As you surely know by now, Blue Mountain has been my very favorite band in the years since college and I’ve taken every opportunity to see him play since then. Last night at the persistence of a tipsy groom and proud husband, I played a few songs with Cary—and it was the most awesome experience to hold his guitar, to sing harmony with him. When you see someone who is really, actually talented up close and in person it changes the way you think about music.