#282 Mr. and Mrs. Nowell.

It’s been another great weekend in Picayune for us all the way around. In the last couple months we’ve racked up some of the most fun times we’ve had all year. Today, Em and Josh became Mr. and Mrs. in fabulous southern style. There was a fiddle and guitar during the ceremony playing traditional Irish tunes, Spanish moss hanging from the huge live oak trees, an immaculate pink 1957 Packard that drove Emily around to the aisle, tons of appley, caramely goodness at the reception, and the most twitterpated lovey couple you can imagine. Perfect. I love these folks!
Her grandparents’ house, the site of the wedding, before the rehearsal.
The view from my perch just before the wedding. I played and sang an Over the Rhine song while they signed their marriage license.

The reception at Em’s parents’ house.

My handsome groomsman.

Mr. and Mrs. Nowell with Mr. Napier.

We showered them with popcorn as they were “leaving”. Ha… they turned around and went right back to the party. The photographers just needed to get the photo so they could head out.