#297 It’s only fair.

For some reason, growing up I was not a fan of the fair. I should say, in high school I wasn’t—I rarely went—and it’s because I was so afraid to ride rides and if you went with your high school friends, that meant sitting alone while everyone else tilt-a-whirls till they throw up. Not my idea of a blast, really. Now as an adult, the fair is really honestly fun because it’s hokey, it’s colorful, it’s the iconic signal that fall has arrived, and obviously, the corn dogs.
Ben decided to go with the ribeye sandwich for supper (also delicious), then we shared a candy apple for dessert.
Afterward, we looked at the high school art competition and I agree that the best in show was indeed the best in show. I mean, I want this in my kitchen:
Then we were super excited to run into the Wilsons:
Who were also there to eat junk and see Cary Hudson play:
This was possibly our best fair experience ever.