#306 Rainy day.

It’s been so long since we had a rainy day. Since I was very young I can remember rainy days always being my favorite. I hate severe weather, but there is nothing better than a drizzling, cold, overcast day at home. Lately, I think I’ve started taking for granted what a blessing it is to live and work from your home. Today, I’m more thankful than you can imagine for it. I woke up late because the sunlight never made it to our bedroom this morning. I was surprised to find it still raining (it’s been MONTHS, y’all), the sound of it falling on the metal awning below our windows was like a dream.
I turned the lamps on throughout the house, started the coffee and lit my favorite caramel apple candle in the kitchen. After breakfast, I went into the studio and sat at my computer in my flannel and the eyeglasses I only wear at bedtime. I worked until lunch, I ironed vintage handkerchiefs for upcoming projects, I made the grocery list. I worked on the gift list for our supper club’s Christmas child. I didn’t feel pressured or stressed, I felt completely fulfilled. I felt completely at home. You won’t find any pictures of me in today’s blog because with happiness comes a lack of concern for how you look. Don’t you worry about me though—I always put on real clothes around 4 in the afternoon.
Were I working in the cubicle, I would still be there for another 3 hours waiting for 5 o’clock when I could finally go back to my home sweet home—get back to living for just a few hours until bedtime, when the cycle would start all over again. Working in the corporate world is punishment for those who relish life, and experiencing both sides of that coin I am utterly thankful for what God has given us. I hope your day was cozy too, friends.