#312 Tub time.

Since I was very young, bath time has ALWAYS been my favorite time of the day. When I was very little, about 4 years old, I would take bubble baths with my mama and I would soap up her back and write letters in the soap and she would have to guess what I was writing (usually something like “I love you!” or “I want waffles.”) I was a very… literate child. I loved reading. So the only thing better than a bubble bath was a bubble bath with a waterproof book about animals. Oh man—hog heaven.
It turns out 20 years doesn’t change you much. Tub reading is still my favorite thing to do, and fortunately I married a man who indulges that pastime. Every night about an hour before bedtime, whether I’m working or folding laundry or whatever—he goes to start my bath and uses his magic to make these enormous bubble mountains that I have never in my lifetime been able to accomplish. I mean he makes bubble baths like they do in movies and I’ve heard they have to use dish soap to achieve that sort of voluptuous bubbliness. Every night he chooses from my insane collection of bath potions, and every night I’m surprised by the variety. And I’m the crazy person that bought it all (just ask my mom—she can confirm my lifelong obsession). I think the aptitude for bubble making lies in his Scottish-bred arms and upper body strength.
Today, the new antique-style faucet I’ve been wanting finally arrived on our doorstep and Mr. Ben dutifully installed it right away. The only thing better than living in a 100 year old building is bathing in a 100 year old cast iron tub. It’s the grandfather of bathtubs—the only kind they should even bother making, but I digress.
I felt like a queen in my bath tonight, and I thought I would share with all you readers (mama and Annalee) my favorite smell-goods and books for tub time:
From left to right: My friend Jaime gave me this amazing fruity bubble bath, Fer A Cheval, a year ago and I am savoring every last drop. It’s French, the website to order it is French, so I honestly can’t figure out how to get another bottle. Le sigh. Bath & Body Works made Spiced Apple Rapture only in 2007, and I’m still buying discontinued bottles of it on eBay because it’s absolutely divine and reminds me of being a college girl during fall—the most romantic season of all, no? Vanilla Bean Noel. Obviously, I’m jumping the gun on Christmas (I mean I’ve used half of it already), but it smells like cookies baking and that makes your tub water at least 10 degrees warmer. I think. Okay, it doesn’t. Deep Steep was another gift from Jaime — but this one smells like rosemary and peppermint. It opens my sinuses before bedtime and I swear it helps me sleep better.
To be a professional tubber, you must have good books. Lately these are my favorites:
Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger
This one gave me some chilling, bizarre dreams. It’s set in London around a cemetery. There are twin sisters, and it’s fascinating. Read it.
and Love the One You’re With by Emily Giffin
As easy and light as reading can get. Perfect for bedtime.
Now. Go pamper yourself. It’s good for you. Night night, readers!