#318 Biscuit festival.

I’d give you the recipe, but then I’d have to kill you and that wouldn’t be very Christian of me.
I hereby declare November 15 to forevermore be a holiday for biscuits and breakfast for supper. I’ve been making mammaw’s biscuit recipe since my freshman year of college and Mallorie has another yummy recipe that we’ve heard about from Jim but never had the pleasure of tasting, so tonight we had a big Magnolia street breakfast and invited the Patricks over to eat with us. We went next door to Jim and Mal’s and shared our 2 varieties of biscuits, homemade strawberry jam, cane syrup, patty sausage and cheese grits. Ben and I starved ourselves all day so we could pig out and it was SO worth it.

I’m afraid if Mallorie held MaryCollis much longer, the baby bug would bite her.