#334 Last day in the city.

It was a rainy, rainy day in New York City. A perfect day for indoor activites, which is mostly what we did. After lunch at the Burger Joint (a tiny hamburger shop hidden behind a wall of curtains in the ritzy Parker Meridien hotel), we headed to MoMA since I’ve never been before.

The gorgeous view from the windows of the Museum of Modern Art

Starry Night. I know, I know. EVERYONE loves it. Well… I do too.

Big Ben?

Then we took the train to Morningside Heights waaaaaay uptown to see Columbia University. The view of the Hudson River from Riverside Park was amazing.

The magic of Macy’s:
Then dinner in Little Italy. Inside we met a guy who was (honest to goodness) on the Sopranos named Vinny Vella, and he told us to Google him. He was having a private party and there were about 30 mobster-type men in there with black leather jackets and slicked hair. There was also a guy at the door in a track suit who looked ready to shoot, a little man who looked like Martin Scorsese with 2 bodyguard types, and extremely made up and well-preserved Italian women on their arms. We were afraid to linger. Someone could have gotten bumped off or choked in there.
Then the last stop for the night at Bloomingdale’s for a couple Christmas gifts, and Serendipity for one last get-together with Anne & Josh. We stayed way too late for poor ole Josh—he has funny work hours this week and I felt SO guilty. I’m really sorry, bud!

Yeah, another hat. So what? I love hats. I wear them all the time. I’m like Blossom.

Now we’re going to pack up our little bags so we can head back home in the morning. Y’all please say a prayer for safe travels!